I’m an author, publisher, and creator of unique anime and sci-fi themed items.  I can be found selling these items in the artist alleys of anime conventions, but I can’t be everywhere.  However, you can find most, if not all, of my offerings here.  Or at least you can get links to them.  Enjoy browsing my shop!

2 thoughts on “Yokoso!

  1. Hi there! We had the pleasure of meeting you at FreeCon and fell in love witj your beautiful challenge coins. We had asked about The Expanse faction coins, was there any other interest in that?

    1. I definitely remember you! Unfortunately, you were the only one who asked about an Expanse coin, but I think it’s such a perfect candidate for a coin. I can only produce one new coin every few months, and my next coin is based on Nier Automata, but an Expanse coin is on my short list of to-do coins.

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